Perl 4 Science

doing science in our favorite language


This site is intended to promote all those ways that we use our favorite language to get things done in all scientific disciplines. Go ahead, add links to your project, provide examples and give installation help. Just follow the directions in the site’s how to documentation to add your content and submit a pull request.

The Quantified Onion

This site has a sister Google Group called The Quantified Onion. This is the place for Perl Scientists and Friends to interact. Use it to post your experiences, questions, links to publications or anything else Perl or science related. Hope to see you there!

Useful Projects

A major feature of Perl is its users willingness to share their code. Peruse the Software page to find modules that may be of use to you in your field of study.

Using Perl for Science


Many data analysis tasks can be computationally time-consuming, but fortunately, Perl has the tools to help speed up the calculations by running them concurrently. See the Concurrency and parallelism page for more information.