Perl 4 Science

doing science in our favorite language


Modeling Physical Systems Using Modern Object-Oriented Perl - Joel Berger - YAPC::NA 2012

I introduce some of the research I have been doing and the ways I use Perl to accomplish my tasks.

Materials: Slides, GH Repo

Introduction to the Perl Data Language - David Mertens - YAPC::NA 2012

David give a brief intro to PDL and then gives a real work use case.

Materials: GH Repo

Statistics and data mining with Perl Data Language - Maggie Xiong - YAPC::NA 2012

Maggie introduces her PDL::Stats module and shows off some cool features.

Interactive Data Analysis with Prima and PDL - David Mertens - YAPC::NA 2012

David is back to show off his PDL::Graphics::Prima module, a new plotting module for PDL.

Materials: GH Repo